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We know from our own experience how difficult it can be to reconcile passion for medicine, every day business routines and successful recruitment of personnel. For this reason, we founded Massephase Berlin as a business partner for the healthcare industry.

For established medical specialists all over Germany, but also for companies such as care facilities, dental companies and clinics, we offer in cooperation with our partners:

Content Creation

Production of Image Films
Social Media Campaigns
Text for Print and Digital Media

Website Creation
Logo Design
Corporate Identity
Search Engine Optimization
Creative Recruitment

Employer Branding
Recruitment Campaigns

Dental-Business Consulting
Practice Management
Team Building
Personal Coaching

and so much more

As an agency, we provide you with tailored individual services as well as an all-round carefree solution with the purpose to supply you with all the assistance you need from a single source and closely coordinated with one another.

Who Are We

Mischa Ommid Steude

Mischa Ommid Steude M.Sc. is a successful scene dentist with a passion for entrepreneurship. The Berliner not only provides the creative demimonde of his hometown with shiny gold teeth and replaces incisors worn out on mate bottles. He is also one of the handful of people on this planet who is not only a native speaker of medical jargon but is fluent in director gibberish as well.

Paul Chico Freisleben

Paul Chico Freisleben is the specialist for staging and storytelling. While carefully explaining to you the core elements of your new content strategy, behind his forehead madness and arty-fartyness are having a pool noodle fight.

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